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-  THE CHEF  -


Heat Wu, the brain behind ZUC.CCH.ERO, is expert in pastry and bakery, also experience in restaurant curating and consulting at the same time. Born and rise in a family with culinary background, Heat was deeply influenced by her father who was the Royal Chef of Chinese cuisine in Abu Dhabi Palace, United Arab Emirates. She grows her intense interest in desserts as well as western cuisine, especially builds a deep profile in molecular gastronomy.

Besides graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in London and working for several Michelin starred and best Italian fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong such as Domani, Armani Bar, Ciak in the Kitchen etc., with over 15 years of experiences. Currently she is the founder of ZUC.CCH.ERO, MY.DEA and the Executive Pastry Chef of Ciak in the Kitchen by Bombana Umberto. She even leads the team to win loads of awards, including Number 1 Top Pizzeria in Asia, 2020.



Karen Chan, the core of ZUC.CCH.ERO, is experienced in business development, risk management and PR marketing. As a CRP (Certified Risk Planner), she sees into details of the company, bringing Heat’s creativity into actual operational planning and strategy. Experience in working as media gave her the connection and knowledge for PR and marketing matters. In addition to the background of graduating in University of the Arts London, Karen got the artistic sense which then emerged with branding and style.


Successful business is the combination of innovative ideas and execution capability. Heat and Karen form the perfect team as both founder and consultant, constantly bringing surprises to the food & beverage industry in Hong Kong. 

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