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Another project contributed to the best old days in Hong Kong. By putting different elements from childhood memories together, this is a place to chill and connect with one another. And by supporting local brewed craft beers and signature cocktails, we would like to spark off everyone's creativity with alcohols! 

As an updated trend for the recent decay, craft beer is being much more innovative in flavor and texture. We specialist in sourcing craft beer with unique flavor like Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel), Jasmine tea, sugar cane, etc. and even CBD (Cannabidiol) beer that all brewed in our neighborhood. At the same time, we also share our creativity by introducing a cocktails series using the taste of Hong Kong.

Here is more that just an ordinary bar, we collaborate with illustrators, musicians and different art people to do mini exhibition, basking, etc. It is the birth place for anything fun and creative!



G/F, 26 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay

+852 2577 0809

Open at 5pm-3am Mon-Sat (Sunday by luck)

Facebook / instagram @mydea26

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