Brand: Sweet Sakura Tea

Country: Japan


Sweet Sakura Tea is, in its simplicity and beauty, an unforgettable experience. An ideal celebration of special occasions, with intense, sweet aroma and a feast for the eyes.


As the name implies – Sakura in Japanese means Cherry Blossoms – this tea is made of alcohol preserved cherry blossom flowers. There are six packets in the box and each packet contains about 4-5 blossoms. You only need about 2 blossoms per cup, so one whole sachet would make a pot.


To serve: Prepare a warm cup, add cherry bud, soak in hot water then add 200cc of water,wait 1-2 minutes and enjoy (can add sugar to taste) 


** Feel free to add in your own tea leaves for your own tea receipe!

Weight: 2g x 6 pack

SWEET SAKURA TEA Cherry Blossoms


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