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Want something unique for your events?

We do tailor-made service for all kinds of events: corporate, brand promotion, team building, demonstration, workshop, private birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc. 
Either book our venue or rent us out to you!

Mojito jelly
Smoky Popcorn
Lemon tart with meringue
Fruit jelly
Egg mousse with truffle
Little earth pop
Dessert workshop

Just a few of our collaboration partners:

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Seek for help in your business?

We do head-to-toe business advice and support for all kinds of food & beverages projects.

Whether you want a full business plan and proposal to invest with, a tailor-made menu to match with your restaurant, or support in branding, recruiting, staff training, management, marketing, etc.

We are here to share our experience!

Menu design, recruiting and staff training for Blush, Central.

shop_photo Blush.jpg

Cooking demonstration for Food Expo, Wanchai.